What We Do

Dr. Srini and Monterey Park Medical Center focuses on scientifically improving your health. We treat you, not the ailment or disease. With a full range of services, equipment and a holistic approach to health, you’ll be treated not only with respect, but with sincerity.

MPMC provides cardiovascular consultation and followup with diagnostics such as EKG, Echo, Stress echo, 24-hour Holter monitor, and Arterial and Venous Doppler evaluation etc.MPMC  provides vein care with Endovenous Laser Ablation – a procedure to treat large prominent leg veins that would traditionally have been removed by surgical stripping and thus helps you meet your goal of looking best along with avoiding unwanted complications like bleeding and leg ulcers.MPMC offers quick and easy solution for years of pain and embarrassment caused by hemorrhoids  – “Banding and ligation procedure” to get rid of the agony.MPMC’s well woman care encompasses annual exam, osteoporosis screening, breast disease, hormonal imbalances and general health maintenance for pre, peri and postmenopausal women. Diagnostic testing for urinary incontinence and bladder dysfunction with therapeutic management is available at MPMC.

We are driven by our goal of providing highest quality of medical care in a courteous, timely and sympathetic manner. We are committed to promote high-quality, proactive, exceptional level of patient care in providing conservative management to prevent/delay the need for joint replacements for patients who are unwilling/at high risk/contraindicated for surgery.