About the Book

Dead End Medicine is more than a “behind the scenes” look at the United States health care system. With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Srini shows us not only where we are today, but how we got here. 

Health care is a hot topic in the United States, but does anyone know HOW we got here? For adults over 50, we often remember going to the doctors office for a checkup. We might even recall being treated for something within a few minutes.

Dead End MedicineWith well over 30% of our healthcare dollars being allocated for administration, is it any wonder our system moves slower and less efficiently. Why did we allow bureaucrats to determine not only who treats us but how we will be treated?

Isn’t your doctor better suited for diagnosis and treatment than your HMO?

Dead End Medicine explores the pitfalls and eventual implosion of our healthcare system.

There is a solution (this isn’t all doom and gloom) and that revolves around empowering us as patients and giving our doctors the power to prescribe more than a pill.

Dead End Medicine may foreshadow the demise of the US healthcare system, but an empowered populace always has the will to fight back.